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Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray

Welcome to the world of Anthony Trollope!

Rachel Ray is an adaptation by playwright Henry Ong, from the novel of the same name by the great Victorian era writer, Anthony Trollope. A contemporary of Charles Dickens, Trollope (1815-1882) was three times more prolific, having written 47 novels, numerous short stories and travel books, plus an autobiography. Some readers, like the playwright, even prefer Trollope for the subtle delineation of his characters and middle class mores. So vivid are his characterizations that a particular word exists to describe them: Trollopian.

Set in a small English provincial community in the luscious Devon countryside, Rachel Ray is about a young country girl who falls in love with a brash young brewer. It is considered by many to be one of Trollope’s finest novels. Some of Trollope’s best known works include Barchester Towers, The Eustace Diamonds, The Way We Live Now, and He Knew He Was Right.

Trollope paints his characters with subtle shades of gray. Sympathetic characters have faults, and antagonists sometimes turn out to be more tolerant and broadminded than protagonists—all of which make for a fuller and more accurate depiction of life.

We hope you will enjoy this adaptation, featuring an array of colorful and distinctive Trollopian personalities. And may you find the play stimulating and thought-provoking in its manifestation of human foibles!

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Grove Theater Center, in Burbank, CA, will present a public reading of Rachel Ray on Thursday, May 22, 7:30pm. Free, but reservations are encouraged. Please call 818 528 6622.


Rachael Ray at GTC